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We help guide you to the success that lies in every one of us

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Delivering world class events to more than 35 countries across Oceania, Asia, America, Africa and Europe.
Providing the key to your personal success, we open the door to the world’s best speakers, such as Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki… to name a few

Our Story started 25 years ago

Success Resources was founded over 25 years ago and is the world's largest education seminar company. This year Success Resources will be successfully running 500+ entrepreneurial events across 37 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, Europe, Middle East, South America, and the UK with an annual turnover of $150m. With over 250 staff in 10 offices Success Resources will empower 350,000+ entrepreneurs this year and has served 12 million+ over its history.

Success Resources is led by:

  • Richard Tan – Founder + Chairman
  • Veronica Tan – Founder + Group General Manager
  • Michael Burnett – CEO
  • Michael Lane – Managing Director

  • Leadership Team
    Our Management team have pioneered the industry from the beginning

    Richard Tan

    Richard Tan

    Founder + Chairman
    • Founded SGM in 1992
    • Formerly Director of Meta Group Asia Pacific, a strategic IT analysis and consultancy firm
    • Considered the godfather of the industry in his regions by dignitaries and consumers alike
    Veronica Tan

    Veronica Tan

    Founder + Group General Manager
    • Over 25 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and business leadership
    • Oversees the operations for Singapore, Malaysia, China, Europe and South Africa
    • Widely regarded as a champion in the development of businesswomen globally having been awarded the 2017 Global Women award
    Michael Burnett

    Michael Burnett

    • One of the most experienced and respected producers and promoters of personal and business development events
    • In addition to his long association with Tony Robbins, he has introduced the world’s most renowned experts, authors and speakers to attendees across the globe
    • Oversees management and information systems, direct sales and marketing systems
    Michael Lane

    Michael Lane

    Managing Director
    • Considered an Expert in the touring space having run more than 1200 events in the last 15 years with over $1bn in sales through his businesses
    • Actively involved in all aspects of both small- and large-scale event management, including commercial viability, development, promotion, execution and sales management
    • Leads talent management and commercial relationship with many local and international celebrities, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Mark Bouris and Richard Branson, among others

    What people are saying about Success Resources

    Those coming to our events are different in every possible way but share one common purpose, to become more.
    They are actively seeking to a wide selection of tools and strategies that can fulfil their personal objectives. For us the most rewarding part is their responses…

    THE FUTURE - Where to from here?

    The recognised value of Success Resources’ events is bringing about an exponential growth in global demand.

    To ensure the delivery of the same standard of services to a wider audience Success Resources is exploring and applying emerging technologies to great effect.

    In an industry first, Tony appeared at Business Mastery in Australia 2015 as a HumaGram™ – via world leading holographic technology – beamed live and completely interactive from Miami, Florida.

    Not a recorded TV transmission, Tony appeared life-size, real-time, right in front of you in 3 dimensions – no special glasses needed. He was able to see and respond exactly as though he was there in the flesh. A typical response; "Awesome - it was as if he was actually here." Thanks to Arht Media he repeated the feat in 2016 to great acclaim.
    As technology evolves this year’s Business Mastery in Sydney will again see Tony appear in real time beamed live from Miami, Florida but as a state-of-the-art Augmented Digital Interactive Presentation - crystal clear, and fully interactive.

    Ahead, you could be seeing VR and other digital delivery environments to provide the most impactful experiences possible.
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